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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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out another hour and a half. >> after that, jack anderson went to work cleaning leaves from a gutter, it's just a good day to stay in, relax with a cup of coffee and wait for the sun. >> when did rivers start filling snup. >> they're fun. >> when did the hills you are turn green? >> he have. >> okay. >> so if winter wants to stop it has permission but something tells me we've not seen the end of winter time. >> thank you. >> east bay snow on mount diablo drew lots of sun seekers this afternoon. >> it's a wonter winderland.
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what is that?  wonderland. my brain freeze kicked in. here it s white gold and snow that has drawn people up here to risk cold and conditions for? sm cases first experiences in the snow. road was closed alt the station below the snow line and summit. rangers worried about road conditions and not enough room to park cars but kids and parents would not let a thing like a hype have a good night get in the way. >> i think i'll be carrying them. >> a mile and a half. >> i can do it.g.7 you walk ahead? >> the 5-year-old came dressed to the nibs for her very first
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time in the snow. >> that looks like a smile. woah. >> a snow plow cleared the road below the summit. the view was clear all the way to san francisco. but the kids could care less about the view. brian hernandez had big plans for the first time in snow and for kids, maybe there can be too much of a good thing. >> i like the snow. it's fun! and my hands are cold! i need to get themeaéh warmed u! >> so there is not a lot of it. we don't know how long goitsing to last. if you want to make the trip there is a $10 park usage fee and you might have to be prepared to do walking to make it to the snow.
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it to the snow. >> thankkug >> snow made another rare appearance, and stuck to the ground. the sight had people stopping to take pictures for some it was their first experience with snow. snow plows were out intnóforce but the snow quickly covered the road again most snow has now melted. >> sky 7 sent thus video showing upper reaches of mount hamilton. for the south bay. snow fell in places you might expect it. yae. like interstate 80 affecters -- forecasters believe it can add more snow to ski resorts. we checked with caltrans.
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drivers required to use chains between gold run and truckee. >> want to take a 1(v at what happened in kansas city, missouri. there is a downtown inferno. this is cause bid a car hit a gas main in an upscale shopping district?ja. the fire continues to rage police say serious injuries have been reported at this time, still not clear how many people have been hurt for if anyone died but there are dozens of firefighters and other crews that have responded to this. the building established in 1922 including shops restaurants apartments and offices we'll continue to bring updates throughout the newscast as well as nbc 7 news at 6:00. >> dan ashley is in washington, d.c. now for a
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very special assignment. he's the only reporter who will interview president obama tomorrow. dan joins us live with a look at what the president is dealing with today, dan? >> good evening, from washington a very busy day. if republicans and democrats cannot come up with an agreement in just 10 days, $85 billion in cuts will kick n the president invited state and local workers to join him he warned that these are real people whose jobs will be affected by the cuts. congress and white house originally created#dá9÷ arbitray deadline and cuts last year, remembering to-to-force democrats and republicans to work together to trim the deficit. however, they cannot make that happen so this deadline was extended until march,
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mr. obama talked about the risk our nation would face if they cannot agree on a short term solution. >> congress allows this to take place. it will jeopardize military readiness and job creating investments in education and energy. emergency responders like those here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> the house speaker said the debate is closed meaning republicans will not discuss tax increases. it's a daetd issue as far as the speaker is concerned. president obama using this opportunity to put pressure on over these meat cleaver
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spending cuts. >> i know yesterday you're going over a bunch of questions. what is the most-important thing you want to know from the president? >> i'm -- there are opportunities to sit down to speak with him. i'm going talk to him about a variety of things. we'll talk about cuts that son his mind. so we'll talk about high speed rail in california going from bay aarea to southern california. also, talking with him about roads and bridges and the efforts to repair infrom a structure in california and what ever else i have time to talk with him about. and of course immigration kç a lot of things to talk brks i'm looking forward to it. >> and i should tell you i will be tweeting this entire time. i hope you'll join me for
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that. i'll be interviewing the president tomorrow as well as three cabinet secretaries so i'll have full reports on what we've discussed tomorrow at 5:00, 4:00 at your broadcast and i'll tweet and please, follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc 7. i look pord to being in touch with you. >> it's a great opportunity. >> very excited about it. thank you so much. >> cal basketball coach some have called for his suspension. >> the coach went from doult playing the incident on sunday to apologizing, then arks poll jizing again to crab and his team. he said i got carry wai.d
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coach montgomery with a wasted no time apologizing for the incident. >> there is no place in sports that you can put your hands on one of your student athletes. >> it happened on sunday night. during the timeout, the coach was mad at alan crab for not running hard pushing him and yelled "do you want to play?" crab walk wade only to come back and score 14 points. the bears won the game. and the director said actions were inappropriate and left it at that. but state senator says montgomery should be suspen
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suspend -- understands this is not to be tolerated. >> i'm. >> saying it's been blown out ofifbg proportion. >> coach tried to get me fired up. i didn't take anything negative out of the situation. >> there are mixed feelings. >> i think coach has got to keep a better head during the game than that. >> he was quick to apologize and understands he made a mistake. >> and the sense sthae will not be suspended and that the matter is over. the team says he wants to focus on the next game on the 21. i'm live from uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> we have new details that involves so called hummer mom, the 44-year-old mother sent to jail for having sex in her
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hummer suv with two teen-aged boys. one of them her daughter's boyfriend. we reported last night christine was released and arrested again friday night for violating her parole well. have now learned that she was arrested again for possession of pornography. her troubles do not end there. tonight at 6:00 abc 7 news i team uncovered details about her violation and a new criminal case involving her children, so join us for that story at 6:00. >> coming up what do most people do with their old cell users hackers were targeting. >> ingredients found in the world's largest food manufacturerqt>aç
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investigators still looking into the cause of the fire that kill aid 10-year-old girl on san francisco's treasure island. so far they believe it may have started accidentally. 22 people staying in hotels because the fire drove them from their town houses two firefighters sur suffered minor injuries battling flames. >> in san jose, police arrested 14 people in a prostitution sting taking place south of the downtown area last week. ataoóf least two sex workers and police reese cued a 16-year-old girl saying she had been forced into prostitution when she was just 11 years old. police say motel row is known
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for prostitution. they say they're not done with stings in that area. >> apple has been targeted by hackers in the same way face become was last week and saidnlh some installed malware. apple says friday had a similar breech. >> san francisco will be well represented when the new american version of al jazeera tv hits the air waves and will be based in washington, d.c. but the network revealed it swril a bureau in san francisco and several other u.s. cities. the network paid $500 million to buy san francisco based current tv last year, then converted to it al jazeera america. the network will focus on international news. >> the scandal in europe over meat products tainted with horse meat continues to grow. >> michael finney has reports of yet another major company pulling the product off the
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shelves now. >> this is amazing. just keeps rolling out this, time, involvinger world's largest food and drink maker. the company based in switzerland issued a statement saying it's yanked beef pasta ready meals after tests found traces of horse meat in two products. nestle says it increased monitoring after reports of mislabeling officials in writin say more checks need to be put into place. >> nobody check what's is on the pal yet often enough or what is in production oftenmjwmn enough. >> nestle says it's -- despite the recall nestle says the products are safe to eat and none of the meat from europe is used in any products here in the united states. users of microsoft hot mail will see a different look. the company will begin transitioning 267 million
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users to the new microsoft plants have spend owe $30 to $90 million on an advertising blitz just to promote the change. hoping to cut into the user base of google and yahoo. be updated. if you're like a lot of people you probably have a old cell phone stuck in a drawer. one survey found that mer than half of us have two or more unused phones in the house. sell cell;vy of helping you sell the phone pointsing out the average phone on the site is bought for $91 mill sh -- $91.
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men are said to be twice as likely as women to not take the time to sell the phone autos we can't find them. >> very true. >> they're in a are drawer with other junk. >> if you can find them, there is money in there. >> snow on the east bay and the santa cruz, and sunshine here. >> i know. it's crazy. we've seen hail on the peninsula. funnel clouds being reported by
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hills and scattered showers. i want to take you down where we're seeting lightning detected just south san jose area. a closer look, watch out. you may see small hail around burnel road southwest of highway 85. we've been watching snow developing. also cells. you can see this cell here heading towards dear born park in 13 minutes so rain is briefly possible. chain controls now on 80, 50, 88 and 4, you can see it's snowing in the sierra nevada winter weather advisory remaining in affect tonight. they're expecting a six to 12 inches when all is said and done. and snow has been falling here in the bay area. this is a gorgeous view from mount hamilton. the deputy direct jerz parking and stopping are prohibited when snow is present they've received 3.5 inches of snow.
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from our camera this is what cheryl is talking b sunshine out there looking akrots bay. right now 46 in san francisco. a different vantage point looking from our south beach camera, leftover clouds around and still, possibility of showers you can feel the chill in the air. forecast highlights, we're still looking at scattered showers, ending overnight tonight. still a slight chance of showers or two. mostly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. looking at satellite this area of low pressure has to make its way down. showers and snow possibility under the forecast. 7:00 p.m. tonight could see showers,kip-% 10:00 you can see along the coastline, then, into wee hours it winds down the
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commute. 5:00 a.m. some of you heading out of the door and will be freezing cold, low 30s into coldest valleys, make sure you bundle up when heading out of the door. you'll feel the chill in the air, afternoon, higher the south bay. 59 palo alto. 54 half moon bay. 58 degrees, north bay communities, 1 santa rosa. towards east bay up to 58 in oakland newark. inland sunny skies, 58 livermore here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. turning sunnier, brighter, milder over next couple days. clouds returning and a slight chance of showers saturday but then we're going with drier forecast for sunday, monday, tuesday. no major storms are expected. saturday morn kog produce showers here. >> all right. >> thank you. >> and still to come the toll to educate golden gate bridge drivers because they won't tibl pay with cash anymore.
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>> a new way too bug yourself into working out. technology that can help yo
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one of san francisco's home town grads will help trance form the water front of nd t park. the brewer announced plans to build a facility here at 48. it will employ hundreds of people at pier 48. we almost lost both companies then, they rebounded now, they're kind of in their years of fantastic support. >> anchor brewing happening to be the largest manufacturing firm. the project one part of the larger effort to build housing
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and retail stores in mission rock ear. >> golden gate bridge officials say they're concerned many people are apparently avoiding the switch to an all-electronic toll system saying 30% are still paying with cash, more than they'd like. this month they began testing a system called e toll system accepting fast track. now if all goes according to plan it will be running in march. >> yes that is going to be a smooth transition. >> coming up, celebrations for the lunar-35÷ new year underwayn the bay area.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 the bay area city trying to shut down one type of internet cave qlai. cops say is being done with the computer that's is not legal z a woman convicted of having sex with teenagers is back in jail
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after just five days of freedom. the i team explains why she's back in custody, and why her daughter may northbound trouble as well. we'll have stories and more coming up at 6:00.  cheryl and larry. >> thank you. >> oakland mayor shared her personal traditions during today's lunar new year celebration. a lion dance is meant to scare away bad spirits.óuskñ >> yes this is the year of the snake, tradition says money is plentiful in snake years. the mayor is chinese american saying she's been celebrating with weeks of family gathering. the parade is this weekend. >> hope there is someone mn somewhere. i bet there is a lot at the oscars huh? just days away. abc 7 is the only place to watch oscars this sunday. >> you can countdown with our
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app back stage pass feature gives you best access with a cameras and behind thewith a scenes you can check out the red carpet action. >> that is right. you can get exkbreerns by down loading our app available for iphone, ipad and kindel fire world news is next, i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, we'll see you in half an hour. this is "world news." tonight, army of spies. the chinese army penetrates controls on america's electric power grid. what about the american water supply? 1,000 spies at work tonight. what does the u.s. do next? brian ross is here. his story. olympic athlete oscar pistorius in court today. tonight, what he says about why he shot his girlfriend. made in america? could the next pope be from boston? meet the cardinal rising to the top of the list.
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and, the secret of success. how to turn your family into a dynamic, happy team, making sure everyone wins. good evening. a new report tonight lifts the veil on a kind of invisible war. china, unleashing its full spy power on american power grids and the wealth of american manufacturing. a new report even locates this building in shanghai. it doesn't look threatening, but what are they doing inside? and what does it mean for america's national security? here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: the chinese people's liberation army has more than 2 million personnel. but it is the thousand or so in this nondescript building in shanghai that may pose the biggest threat to the u.s.


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